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The mission of The Patch is to provide local high school students with leadership opportunities and agricultural experiences that directly benefits the community of Santa Maria by providing an affordable family friendly fall attraction.

Meet The Patch Team 

We are 4 young adults, born and raised in Santa Maria, determined to give back to our community. Agriculture is instrumental within our community and we believe it is extremely important that youth of all backgrounds, have the opportunity to participate in hands-on career-based agricultural education programs. The Patch was established in 2017 to provide free agricultural programs to high school students in Santa Maria. With the support of Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department and Betteravia Farms, The Patch Team has been able to provide free agricultural education programs for over 50 high-school students in Santa Maria. 

Eddie Araujo - LFR Production Coordinator 

Eddie oversees land production at Los Flores Ranch Park on a daily basis and works with local sponsors and vendors, ensuring that Patch production stays on schedule. With various experience in agriculture, Eddie is able to share his knowledge and experiences with students.

Corina Posada - Program/Event Coordinator

Corina is a Sacramento State University Graduate with a degree in Recreation Management. Corina handles day to day details for workdays, sponsorships, marketing, and main event details.   

Andrew Reade - Sponsor Coordinator

As a Cal Poly graduate, Andrew works within our community sharing our mission with local agri-businesses while growing our sponsor team. And as an experienced pumpkin farmer, Andrew is able to share techniques and information with students that they can utilize during pumpkin production at The Patch. 

Tyler Dickinson - Student Coordinator

Tyler is a Cal Poly graduate, Tyler is responsible for sharing our mission with high school students in our community and providing them with the resources needed to enroll for The Patch. 

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