Main Event Details 


Parking: $5.00 
Small Pumpkin: $4.00
Medium Pumpkin: $8.00
Large Pumpkin: SOLD OUT


Educational Exhibit 
Enjoy our updated educational exhibit 
created by local high school students. 
Learn more about corn, succulents, 
local farming, sunflowers, and so much more.
Friday Student Packets 
Join us on any Friday and pick up a FREE agricultural themed activity packet!
Corny Corn Maze Mailbox
Our corn maze is on vacation this Fall, 
show your love for the Corn Corn Man by 
sending him a creative postcard! 
Transplanting Machine 
Take a look at Plantel Nursery's transplanting 
machine! Learn how it works and the impact 
this machine has on local farming! 
Photo Areas 
Gather your family at our multiple photo areas
and make sure to capture a memorable
moment out at The Patch!
Sunflower Search
Students from The Patch organized a sunflower scavenger hunt - set out to find all of the scattered varieties of sunflowers around The Patch while learning about each variety!